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PE or OPP material backing coated with synthetic resin for sealing plastic bag, Suitable for sealing shirt bags, courier bags, security bags and all kinds of plastic bags, Self-adhesive and reusable tapes for sealing PE and OPP plastic bags.



This product is suitable for sealing PP/PE plastic bags or PP/PE film or paper envelope which have lots of advantages including good adherence and retentiveness, recycling usage, Special to leave no glue side and easy to tear.



Item No. Width Length (meters) Application relee liner Tack Peel Adhesion
2912 12mm 500/3000/5000 Permanent PP #12 ≥0.30 kg/in
2915 15mm 500/3000/5000 Permanent PP #12 ≥0.30 kg/in
2212 12mm 1000/5000/10000 Resealable PP/PE #12 ≥0.10 kg/in
2215 15mm 1000/5000/10000 Resealable PP/PE #12 ≥0.10 kg/in
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